Download AMAS

Guide to access the application.

Accessing the Application

The Access to the application will be provided at Customer Request through the addition in the Release Channel (Oculus Store) or Access Key (Steam Store).

Download and Installation

To embark on your virtual reality robotics adventure, start by downloading the AMAS VR Application from the official platform.

The above applications will only be able to perform all the functionalities mentioned in this documnetation after you have been given access to the license for the peripherals of your purchase directly from Extend Robotics Team.

For more information contact

Setting up the Application

This step is not necessary for the customers who have bought the Integrated Solution as the Gaming Laptop that comes with solution already comes with the Oculus Application setup in the PC and they can skip ahead to the next step of 'Running the Application'.

To use Quest Link, you need to download the desktop app listed under Air Link and Link Cable, onto a PC (Windows) computer. The download and setup of AMAS for the use is given here:

Setup Oculus Application

Once you've downloaded and setup the PC app, make sure that the app is up to date and your Meta Quest headset is running the latest operating system. More information on setup can be found in Setting up your Meta Quest with Link.

Running the Application

After setting up the Oculus Application on your PC and installing the AMAS there are few more steps that needs to be done on your headset to start using the AMAS application.

You can find the further instructions here:

Running the Application