Gripper Customizations

API documentation for Custom Gripper Customizations

AMAS sends the Gripper control command message could be found here:

Gripper Control Message

The message structure :

std_msgs/Bool gripperDigital
std_msgs/Float64 gripperAnalog
std_msgs/Float64 gripperEffort
std_msgs/Int16 gripperPin

gripperAnalog have values ranging from 0 to 1 When 0 corresponds to open and 1 corresponds to close in the digital twin (AMAS VR App)

This message could be used by accessing the rostopic (Requires ROS install),

  • extend_gripper_command

Alternate way (Does not requires ROS install) for access by running following command:

  • extend-robokit-xarm.extend-gripper-command

The data received could be then used to send the command to the robot/gripper for control.

For using the Rostopic method on the RoboKit hardware provided by ER

  • Please install the ROS melodic

If you are using another linux machine with ROS melodic installed to access the data from the Robokit (in the same network) follow these steps:

  • ssh into the Robokit

  • On the Robokit, in the .bashrc put in the following command `export ROS_IP=<IP of the RoboKit)

  • reboot the RoboKit

  • On the another Linux machine go to the .bashrc and add following

    export ROS_MASTER_URI=http://<RoboKit_IP>:11311
    export ROS_IP=<Linux_Machine_IP>
  • Save the .bashrc with the changes and source .bashrc using the following command

    source ~/.bashrc

After sourcing the .bashrc you would have access to the Topics and Services running on the Robokit.