SenseKit to SenseKit Calibration

Guide to the calibration process of SenseKit with respect to the another SenseKit.

When you're dealing with multiple SenseKits within your virtual reality robotics setup, the calibration process becomes even more crucial to ensure precise coordination between devices. The AMAS VR App offers an efficient solution in the form of the SenseKit to SenseKit Calibration, a feature designed to optimize your workflow and enhance the overall calibration experience. In this section, we'll dive into the details of this process and explore the advantages it brings to your setup:

Steps in Calibration Process

Follow the steps given below for SenseKit to SenseKit Calibration Guide:

  1. Before we start make sure that both the SenseKits are properly setup, and you have the Charuco Board handy as per the previous instructions.

  2. Lets call the SenseKit that will be calibrated as S(i) and point of reference SenseKit as S(f).

  3. Now place the Charuco Board in on a flat surface so that it is visible and less than 1.5 meters away from both SenseKits.

We recommend the viewing area of Senskits to overlap to get the best real-time point-data reconstruction in the application.

  1. Now go to the Configuration Panel and click on SenseKit.

  2. Now click on the the S(i).

  3. This should open the configuration page of the SenseKit. In that menu, click on Calibrate button located at the bottom of the right hand side panel.

  4. This should open the options of three buttons asking to Select the Calibration Type. Click on SenseKit to SenseKit button.

  5. Now select the S(f).

  6. This will Open the SenseKit to SenseKit calibration panel having buttons: Calibrate,Offset +, Offset -, Save and Cancel.

  7. Click on the Calibrate button. As long as the Charuco board is in view of both cameras the Cameras should now Calibrate.

The positional error of the Calibration maybe there which can be fine-tuned using the Offset + and Offset - buttons. Furthermore, it can also be fine tuned using Manual Sensekit Calibration.

Benefits of SenseKit to SenseKit Calibration

Consistency: With synchronized SenseKits, your interactions are consistent across devices, allowing you to seamlessly switch between them without any disruption in the virtual environment.

Time Efficiency: This calibration method significantly reduces the time needed for calibration when compared to calibrating each SenseKit with the robotic arm individually.

Accuracy Enhancement: The unified reference frame ensures that the tracking data from each SenseKit is interpreted accurately, resulting in improved precision and realism.

Flexible Setup: As you expand your setup to include more devices, the SenseKit to SenseKit Calibration process scales effortlessly, accommodating your evolving needs.