Utility Functions

Guide to the Interactions Present in the Bottom Panel

Right below the View Adjust Mode and the Robot Control Mode you'll find a seprated bottom panel with 3 interactables that are designed for specific functionalities for the ease of use.

Reset View

Resets the position of the user to the default position.

Reset Scale

Resets the scale of the world to default. The position in the world remains the same.

Grip Mode

Switches between live and on-off mode for the gripper. In live mode, the gripper follows the position of the controller's trigger. In on-off mode, the trigger presses toggle between fully closed and fully open gripper position. This button is only available with robots that have a gripper.

Follow Head

Only available for humanoid robots with head position control, such as PAL Robotics Tiago. Switches the robot head control between joystick control or following user's head position.