Manual RoboKit Calibration

Guide to do Manual Calibration of the RoboKit.

The manual RoboKit calibration process can be used for the purpose of aligning the digital twins of multiple robots to a stationary SenseKit pointcloud or a moving the digital twin in the virtual scene for better access.

There are six primary transformation modes available in this mode:

Six Main Transformation Modes

The AMAS VR App's Manual Calibration process offers six main transformation modes, each targeting specific aspects of positioning and orientation:

  1. Right Transformation: Adjust the lateral position of the SenseKit along the right axis, allowing you to precisely control its placement.

  2. Up Transformation: Fine-tune the vertical positioning of the SenseKit using the up axis, ensuring accurate alignment with your hand movements.

  3. Forward Transformation: Control the depth positioning of the SenseKit along the forward axis, enhancing the realism of your interactions.

  4. Roll Transformation: Achieve rotational adjustments around the SenseKit's own axis, enabling you to set the desired orientation for optimal interaction.

  5. Pitch Transformation: Make controlled changes in the pitch angle, affecting the tilt of the SenseKit to match your hand's natural movements.

  6. Yaw Transformation: Modify the yaw angle, controlling the SenseKit's rotation around the vertical axis to align with your hand's orientation.

Along with these there is also an interactive point present at the base of the digital twin which can be grasped and moved just like the robot movement in the Robot Control Mode.

Let's go over the steps of the process:

  1. First go in the Configuration and select RoboKit .

  2. Then in the panel of Active RoboKits select the RoboKit you want to manually calibrate.

  3. Now click on Calibrate in the Modify Current RoboKit Panel.

  4. Select Manual Adjustment Button.

  5. This should open the Manual Calibration Panel where you can make the necessary adjustments as per the need along with the Interaction Calibration Mode at the base of the digital twin.

  6. Once happy with the adjustments made press Save and the new orientation and position of the digital twin will saved in the configuration of your RoboKit.