Robot Control Mode

Transforming your Gestures to the Real World Movement of the Robot

To control the robot, either in the tutorial / simulation mode or during teleoperation with a real robot, move within the reach of the robot's digital twin in the VR App and enable the Robot Control mode on the wrist panel.

  • To control the robot, the first step is to move the hand controller into the gripper of the digital twin. Once the Hand Controller is in the interactable zone of the arm, the gripper colour will change from Blinking Green to Solid Green.

  • After reaching the interactable zone, press the Grip button on the hand controller. Once the Grip button is pressed the gripper will change colour from Solid Green to Blue.

  • The digital twin would start moving based on the motion of the hand controller as long as the Grip Button is pressed. The gripper open and close motion could also be operated by using the Trigger button while the gripper colour is Blue. Pressing the Trigger button will close the gripper and releasing the button will open the gripper.