Robot Rescue

Guide to Robot Rescue Feature

While we have designed the AMAS experience with salient features of Singularity Avoidance, Collision Detection and Easy Rescue. We have still made sure to add a dedicated feature of robot rescue for edge case scenarios in mind where the users can take the control of the robot position in their hands!

Steer clear of the robot as the Robot will be moving automatically in the last step of this process.

Let's go over the steps doing so in the application:

  1. In the case where the realignment of the Digital Twin is failing and you're getting an error code G0001 first go into Robot Control Mode.

  2. Now move the digital twin to an ideal position inside the joint limits approximately.

The robot will not move with the digital twin in this case and that is expected as it is failing realignment.

  1. Then go in the Configuration and select RoboKit .

  2. Then in the panel of Active RoboKits just at the right of the RoboKit name beside the trash can icon you'll see a black icon.

  3. Press on that icon and the robot will automatically move to that position and is now ready to use.