Setup Oculus Application

Instructions to Setup the Application

Download and Install Oculus Application

Given below are the steps to download the application:

  1. Go to the website.

  2. Click on Download Rift Software.

  3. Once the OculusSetup.exe file has been downloaded click on the file to start the installation.

  4. The Oculus window will pop up. Click on Get Started on the first screen after setting up your language.

  5. Next Review the Terms and Conditions from Meta and click on Agree once you're done.

  6. Select the location of the install and then click on Install Now.

  7. The installation will take some time based on your network speed and PC specifications.

  8. Once done, you'll see the Installed page where after we will be setting up your Meta Account.

Setup Oculus Account and AMAS

Before you go ahead with the following steps make sure you have a valid Meta Account and have gotten the access email for AMAS for the same account by clicking on the link from Meta in your emails.

You don't need to worry about the above if you have an email address from our side for a demo perhaps, but in that case please ask us for the OTP code while doing this step.

Given below are the steps for the procedure:

  1. Click on 'Log in with email address'.

  2. It will open the window with your default browser asking to Allow Cookies.

  3. Click on continue with email address.

  4. Enter the email address.

  5. Now enter the confirmation code recieved on the email entered.

  6. Now click on the Continue with the Account button and it should route you back to the Oculus application.

  7. Skip the payment method.

  8. Now on the search bar in the Top right corner, search AMAS.

  9. You should see the Install option there if the access step has been done properly.

  10. Install the application and after the installation you should find the application in your Library.