Motion Playback

Right below the Interaction buttons you'll find a seprated bottom panel with Recording option on it. Clicking the button opens up the recording panels.

Active Recording Panel

The initial panel that shows up when Recording button is pressed. Shows recordings attached to robokits and makes you able to interact with those recordings.

  • New Recording: Takes user to Select Robokit Panel to select the robokits user wants to record.

  • Playback: Takes user to Playback panel. Users can see previously recorded items in this panel.

  • Play All: Plays every recording on the panel.

  • Stop All: Stops every recording on the panel.

Select Robokit Panel

Shows a list of active robokits which can be toggled on. Toggeled on robokits are going to be recorded in the Recording Panel.

  • Cancel: Takes the user back to Active Recording Panel.

  • Select: If atleast one robokit is toggeled on takes the user to Recording Panel.

Recording Panel

This panel is used for recording the selected robokits from Select Robokit Panel.

  • Name: Name of the recording.

  • Recording: Shows if the movements of robokit's are currently recording.

  • Cancel: Takes the user back to Active Recording Panel.

  • Take a Snapshot: Records a single frame of robokits and adds it in to the recording.

  • Start Recording: Starts recording and continuously adds new frames to the record.

  • Save Recording: Saves the current record data and creates new recording for each robokit recorded. Takes user to Playback panel.


Shows a list of recordings from your local. Users can select an item from the list and attach it to a robokit.