Manual Sensekit Calibration

Guide to do Manual Calibration of the SenseKit.

Within the AMAS VR App, achieving precision in your virtual reality robotics setup is paramount. To empower users with ultimate control over the positioning and alignment of their SenseKits, the app offers the Manual Calibration process. This advanced feature provides a comprehensive array of adjustments to ensure that your SenseKit seamlessly integrates with your virtual experience. In this section, we'll delve into the intricacies of the Manual Calibration process, exploring its benefits and the six main transformation modes it offers.

Six Main Transformation Modes

The AMAS VR App's Manual Calibration process offers six main transformation modes, each targeting specific aspects of positioning and orientation:

  1. Right Transformation: Adjust the lateral position of the SenseKit along the right axis, allowing you to precisely control its placement.

  2. Up Transformation: Fine-tune the vertical positioning of the SenseKit using the up axis, ensuring accurate alignment with your hand movements.

  3. Forward Transformation: Control the depth positioning of the SenseKit along the forward axis, enhancing the realism of your interactions.

  4. Roll Transformation: Achieve rotational adjustments around the SenseKit's own axis, enabling you to set the desired orientation for optimal interaction.

  5. Pitch Transformation: Make controlled changes in the pitch angle, affecting the tilt of the SenseKit to match your hand's natural movements.

  6. Yaw Transformation: Modify the yaw angle, controlling the SenseKit's rotation around the vertical axis to align with your hand's orientation.

Fine-Grained Precision

What sets the Manual Calibration process apart is its ability to offer three levels of adjustment factors: 1, 0.1, and 0.01. This fine-grained control allows you to make subtle modifications for highly accurate positioning. Whether you're aiming for precision in delicate interactions or refining the alignment of your SenseKit for a more immersive experience, these adjustment factors cater to a diverse range of needs.

Steps for Calibration

Follow the steps below to perform a Manual Calibration:

  1. Before we start make sure that the SenseKit and RoboKit is properly setup, and you have the Charuco Board handy as per the previous instructions.

  2. Now we start by going in to the Interaction panel and switching into the Robot Control Mode and turning on the Grip Mode.

  3. Now go to the Configuration Panel and click on SenseKit.

  4. Now click on the the SenseKit you want to manually calibrate in the list of Active SenseKits.

  5. This should open the configuration page of the SenseKit. In that menu, click on Calibrate button located at the bottom of the right hand side panel.

  6. This should open the options of three buttons asking to Select the Calibration Type. Click on Manual Calibration button.

  7. This should open the Manual Calibration Panel where you can make the necessary adjustments as per the need.

  8. Click on Save whenever you're happy with the adjustments made, otherwise click on Reset to go back to the last save.

  9. Now press Save Local or Save Local and Device to save the calibration done so far.

Benefits of Manual Calibration

Personalization: Users have complete control over their SenseKit's placement and orientation, allowing for a customized and comfortable experience.

Fine-Tuning: The adjustment factors of 1, 0.1, and 0.01 cater to a wide spectrum of precision needs, from subtle modifications to more significant adjustments.

Enhanced Realism: Accurate alignment of the SenseKit with your hand movements enhances the realism and immersion of your virtual interactions.

User Empowerment: Manual Calibration empowers users to take charge of their experience, ensuring that their setup aligns with their preferences and goals.