Speech Recognition

Instructions for how Speech Recognition works

Speech Recognition is a feature that uses your microphone to detect certain keywords and trigger functions when they are detected.

How to Activate

Feature can be activated by using the dropdown menu item in the settings panel.

How to use

Activating the feature makes the app start to track your microphone and enables a cheat sheat that show the currently available keywords. When the feature is enabled it will only have a single keyword active. Using the Start keyword users can turn on the rest of the keywords which can be seen through the cheat sheet.

Features avalible with the SpeechRecognition

  • Start: Activates Voice Recognition Commands.

  • Stop: Deactivates Voice Recognition Commands.

  • Control: Switches to View Adjustment Mode.

  • Robot: Switches to Robot Control Mode.

  • Grab: Gets Control of the Robokit Part in Range.

  • Drop: Stop Controlling the Robokit Part.