SenseKit Manual Firmware Upgrade / Install

Guide to firmware upgradation and installation process.

In case of software only purchase or upgrade of AMAS version (<v5.5) you might have to perform the following instructions to get your SenseKit ready for use.

  1. Please copy the FirmwareFetchHandler and FirmwareFetch.bash to the SenseKit device using the scp command.You can find these files here: OTA

scp <Location of files> <SenseKit device username>@<SenseKit device IP>:~

for example,

scp D:/Extend/Repositories/FirmwareFetchHandler extend@
  1. SSH into the SenseKit device. The password for the SenseKit is extend by default.

  2. Change the permissions of the FirmwareFetchHandler using the chmod command.

 chmod +x FirmwareFetchHandler
  1. Setup auto start for the FirmwareFetchHandler using sudo crontab by using the following commands:

  • Open Sudo crontab in nano

sudo crontab -e
  • Add the following line to the crontab

@reboot sleep 3; sudo -u extend -i bash '<Path>/FirmwareFetch.bash'

where <Path> must be replaced by the actual path to the file. for example,

@reboot sleep 3; sudo -u extend -i bash '/home/extend/FirmwareFetch.bash'
  • Save the changes by pressing Ctrl + S and exit the nano editor by pressing the Ctrl + X.

  1. Restart the SenseKit.

After the restart, follow the steps mentioned in in here to install or update the firmware on the SenseKit:

Over-the-Air Firmware Updates