User Manual

AMAS Overview

AMAS Pro Solution: Seamlessly Integrated Control and Enhanced Interaction

Introducing the AMAS Pro Solution: Where Control Meets Innovation

Top-tier tech blends 3rd party robot arms with user-friendly innovation. Comprising Extend AMAS VR App, SenseKit, and RoboKit, it unlocks advanced robotic control, as shown below.
AMAS System Overview

Diving Deeper into AMAS

Extend AMAS VR Application

At the heart of AMAS Pro is the Extend AMAS VR App, a VR interface that connects users with their robots, offering immersive training, telepresence, and remote task replication. Compatible with top VR gear like HTC Vive, Oculus Quest, and Rift, it's a versatile tool for digital twin interaction.

AMAS SenseKit

The AMAS SenseKit enhances environment perception in the AMAS VR App by seamlessly integrating sensors, cameras, and components. It provides real-time feedback for heightened spatial awareness, revolutionizing teleoperation.

AMAS RoboKit

The AMAS RoboKit is the cornerstone of the AMAS Pro Solution, bridging the AMAS VR App and the robot arm for teleoperation and teleprogramming. It ensures reliable communication with drivers and software, enabling quick command reception, real-time status updates, and instant error alerts.