Force Torque Calibration

Guide to the Force Torque Sensor Calibration.

Please note that this feature is only available for UFactory xArm6 and UFactory xArm7.

For certain cobots in which there is a dedicated hardware force torque sensor the AMAS application allows user to experience the feedback from the the gripper during movements and interaction with various things regarding in form of visuals and haptics.

Before performing the Force Torque Sensor Calibration please make sure that the safety radius of the robot is clear of any obstacles and do NOT stand near the robot.

For first time usage of the feature and while setting up the robot for this capability you need to have the sensor calibrated with the application. Let's go through the process of doing so:

  1. First go in the Configuration and select RoboKit .

  2. Then in the panel of Active RoboKits select the RoboKit you want to manually calibrate.

  3. Now click on Calibrate in the Modify Current RoboKit Panel.

  4. Now click on Force Torque Calibration button.

  5. This should start the calibration process which should take 10-15 minutes in which the robot will move automatically for payload and TCP point estimations.

  6. After the calibration process is finished the application will notify you and may ask you to realign the digital twin to the real position of the robot which can be done with the realign button on the controller.

Currently the process leaves the robot in a position which is outside the joint limits. While we are working hard to make this process seamless in the meantime you can utilize the robot rescue feature of AMAS to bring it back in joint limits: Robot Rescue