Home Scene Arrival

Start Experincing the AMAS

Upon launching, you'll be greeted by a Unity splash screen during the loading process. As the app completes its loading process, you'll find yourself on the home scene, the gateway to a myriad of virtual reality robotic experiences. The home screen is thoughtfully designed to provide quick access to various features, settings, and modules within the app.

The home scene is where resides the training instructions and a simulated tutorial scene in a virtual room with control indications for the usage and navigation inside the application.

In addition to that, you'll also find capitavating exhibition of the supported robots in the scene that showcases the companies that we have partnered with to support different robots from their lineup for the AMAS experience.

Without further delay, you're now standing at the threshold of a world where virtual reality and robotics converge. The AMAS VR App's intuitive interface empowers you to navigate through menus, select experiences, and interact with robotic arms using just a few gestures or taps.

With the app fully launched, you're free to explore a wide array of experiences and scenarios.

The UI

All of the different settings and modes of experincing the exciting realm of AMAS is accesed through gestures and a UI panel available on the front wrist of your left hand.

You can select things in the panel using the trigger in the Controllers and pinch motion in the SenseGlove.

Though this panel you can access two main aspects of the application which are explored in the further sections:

Interactions Modes

Hand-eye Calibrations